Archaeological Surveying and Mapping: Recording and Depicting the Landscape

A accomplished and sensible advisor to surveying for archaeologists, with transparent directions in archaeological mapping, recording box paintings and particular case stories from the united kingdom, Europe and the USA.

Philip Howard offers a user’s consultant to tools and tools of surveying to let archaeologists to symbolize their very own fieldwork with a bit of luck and independently. Archaeological Surveying is a useful source which:

  • provides beginner’s directions to software program utilized in computerised surveying, together with IntelliCAD 2000, Terrain instruments, Christine GIS and worldwide Mapper
  • introduces the archaeologist to quite a number surveying tools resembling GPS, digital distance measures, theodolites and magnetic compasses
  • includes inexpensive software.

This textbook is a necessary learn for any box archaeologists who're short of an advent to surveying, or just desire to replace their techniques.

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