Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race

By Michael A. Cremo, Richard L. Thompson

Over the centuries, researchers have came upon bones and artifacts proving that people like us have existed for thousands of years. Mainstream technology, even though, has supppressed those evidence. Prejudices in accordance with present medical idea act as a "knowledge filter," giving us an image of prehistory that's principally incorrect.

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At Thorington corridor you may have a detritus mattress lined via marine sands. So every thing there's from both sooner than or contemporaneous with the ocean that deposited the Crag” (Lohest et al. 1923, p. 60). learning the specimens of Moir and people on the Ipswich Museum, Capitan categorised them as uncertain, possible, and yes. approximately part the entire specimens have been within the uncertain class, with nearly one other part within the possible type. within the possible staff have been all these flakes that confirmed strains of model or retouching just like that on permitted instruments. Capitan said: “We think of that the best variety of those items are actual instruments bearing different strains of intentional paintings which you can still distinguish, with perform, from typical fracturing and flaking. but when anyone desires to show doubts, then we go away the dialogue to them and won't search to illustrate the intentional paintings” (Lohest et al. 1923, pp. 61–62). yet Capitan said that during addition to the numerous specimens within the possible classification the fee well-known twenty items as definitely labored: “They are of yes shape, precisely like authorized Mousterian items. those will not be freaks of nature or obviously damaged stones used with out amendment as tools—they have been items of volition, and exhibit symptoms of a distinct motive to build a specific form of instrument” (Lohest et al. 1923, p. 62). The fee chosen 11 items for replica of their file: Mousterian-like aspect scrapers (racloirs), discoidal finish scrapers (grattoirs), issues, blades (one with a lot retouching), an exact handaxe, a type of massive chisel, and an immense retouched piece of the grattoir shape. Capitan, praising the rigorous clinical strategies utilized through Moir and his collaborators, then acknowledged: “One may item that the small variety of sure specimens isn't really adequate, yet this is often a result of super rigorous technique of choice. we're persuaded nice some of the ones now not chosen also are labored” (Lohest et al. 1923, p. 62). Capitan additional: “The small quantity chosen for this demonstration is planned simply because their legitimacy as items of human can't in the slightest degree be challenged even through technical specialists” (Lohest et al. 1923, p. 62). Capitan concluded: “We don't need to uselessly proceed the dialogue approximately even if those items are labored or no longer, giving undue consciousness to reasons from incompetents. For any one who has any genuine acquaintance with the features of labored flints, such questions won't arise” (Lohest et al. 1923, pp. 62–63). If one rejected Moir’s unearths, said Capitan, then one must reject approximately eighty percentage of the widely authorized Mousterian items (Lohest et al. 1923, p. 63). determine three. eleven. a facet scraper (racloir) found underneath the crimson Crag at Thorington corridor, England (Lohest et al. 1923, p. 63). Capitan subsequent defined a number of the undisputed specimens. those got here from Thorington corridor, Bramford, and the Bolton corporation brickfield. From Moir’s experiences (1924), it seems that the first tool-bearing layer at each one of those websites is the detritus mattress lower than the pink Crag.

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